How To Use Ceramic Coating On Your Shower Glass

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Shower glass is an excellent way to accent your bathroom and keep it looking new for longer. But over time, it can become dull due to hard water build-up and soap scum. The ceramic coating on your shower glass not only helps to protect the shower glass from corrosion, water stains, and mineral build-up but also cuts down the time spent on cleaning shower glass. 

Before applying the ceramic coating, ensure your shower glass is spotless. Next, apply the coating on the shower glass with microfiber suede on a 2×2 foot section and repeat until you cover the whole glass. Let the coating cure, and then clean the glass to remove any residue.

Shower glass is meant to highlight your shower design and not years of nasty gunk. Ceramic coating can keep your shower glass visually appealing and squeaky clean. Let’s look at how you can apply a ceramic coating on your shower glass, why it’s a good idea, and how you can make your coating last longer. We’ll also include other coatings you can use on your shower glass.   

Can You Apply Ceramic Coating to Shower Glass?

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Yes, you can apply ceramic coating to shower glass to keep it shining and clean. Ceramic coating is a type of hydrophobic coating applied to several glass products, including shower glass.

These coatings are usually made with silica gel and have water-repellent properties. 

The ceramic coating forms an invisible layer that fills the shower glass pores to keep out gunk and debris and repel the water. As a result, homeowners can enjoy their showers more and much less time scrubbing off mold or dirt from their shower glass.   

Why Would You Put Ceramic Coating in Your Shower? 

Glass naturally contains tiny pores, which, over time, can become filled with soap, bacteria, hard water, and other grimy substances that can cause your shower glass to lose its shine.

Here are some reasons why you should put a ceramic coating on your glass:

Makes the Shower Glass Easier to Clean

Ceramic coating, when applied to your shower glass, fills in the microscopic pores and creates a smooth surface, which prevents the water drops as well as the dirt from getting into these pores.

As a result, your shower glass is not only relatively free of grime, but it also requires less frequent cleaning. 

Fewer Cleaning Chemicals Needed

Cleaning your shower glass less frequently means less usage of cleaning chemicals like bleach will be washed down the drain.

Consequently, there’ll be less pollution in streams, rivers, and oceans, ensuring a healthier marine environment.

Creates a Safer and Cleaner Shower Space

Ceramic coatings help eliminate mold, bacteria, and mildew growth from your shower space. These coatings form a layer over the glass, which doesn’t allow the fungi and bacteria any room to thrive. 

Protects the Shower Glass from Scratches

The anti-scratch properties of ceramic coating keep the shower glass looking pristine for a long time. In addition, these coatings are robust and durable and can last almost five years when applied correctly.         

How to Ceramic Coat Shower Glass

Applying a ceramic coating to your shower glass is very easy. However, before you begin, your glass must be immaculate. You don’t want any contaminants, or minor debris stuck under the coating. 

Prepping the Glass

To prep the shower glass surface for the application of the coating, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Wash the glass: Start prep by thoroughly washing the shower glass to remove all the dirt and debris. Successful application of the ceramic coating is only possible when your glass is completely clean.
  1. Clay bar: Even after washing the glass correctly, some microscopic contaminants and imperfections might be left on the glass. Use the clay bar treatment to remove all the gunk.  
  1. Wipe down: Lastly, wipe down the shower glass with Isopropyl Alcohol or IPA. This will remove all grease, wax, or oil traces to make your shower glass squeaky clean.  

Applying the Coating

Once the glass is washed, here’s how you should go about applying the ceramic coating:   

  1. Take a microfiber suede and wrap it around your foam block. 
  1. Make sure you choose a good quality ceramic coating for your glass. Shake well before opening the bottle.
  1. Apply ceramic coating on your microfiber cloth in a straight line. Start from the top of the cloth and apply just a line of coating right down to the bottom. Don’t try to cover the whole cloth.
  1. When applying the coating to the glass, the best technique is to take a 2×2 foot section and move the cloth from right to left and top to bottom.
  1. Allow the coating to cure. After a few minutes, remove the coating using a clean microfiber cloth. 
  1. Use a clean microfiber towel to buff the residual coating from the glass surface. Be sure to remove coating residue from the shower glass, as any excess left on the glass surface will leave streaks.
  1. Check with an inspection light to ensure all the excess ceramic coating has been removed. Buff again if needed.
  1. Repeat the above steps until you’ve covered the whole shower glass. If the microfiber suede becomes hard, replace it with a new one.

You mustn’t expose the shower glass to water immediately after applying the ceramic coating. Refrain from using the shower for at least 48 hours after for optimal results. 

Other Types of Hydrophobic Shower Coatings 

Shower glass coatings can be applied by the manufacturer during production, while homeowners can apply some products as a DIY project. 

Although applying these DIY solutions is quite economical, they aren’t very durable. You’ll need to reapply them frequently to enjoy their benefits. 

In addition to ceramic coatings, the following are some other types of hydrophobic coatings:

  • Invisible Shield (on Amazon): This unique spray-on product can last up to several years; however, its application requires a specialized machine. You can easily apply this coating yourself if you have the right equipment or employ the services of a professional to get the job done.  
  • ShowerGuard: This coating comes with a lifetime warranty and is typically applied by the manufacturer during shower glass production.  
  • Diamon-Fusion: Applied only by certified dealers, this coating comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • RainX (on Amazon): This is a cost-effective spray-on shower glass water-repellent that’s very easy to apply. However, it’s going to need reapplication every few weeks.
  • EnduroShield (on Amazon): This coating can be applied by the manufacturer when you place an order for the shower glass or get it done by a pro after installation. One application of this coating can last up to 3 years, which cuts the cleaning time by up to 90%.   

Tips and Tricks

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The following tips and tricks will help you ensure the durability and long life of your shower glass coating:

  • Make sure you check out the warranty of the shower glass coating before applying it. It’s better to choose a product with a lifetime warranty.
  • Wipe down the shower glass after each use to extend the life of your coating.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals on shower glass, as they can break down the hydrophobic coating and leave the shower glass unprotected.
  • Make sure the coating you choose isn’t toxic and is safe to use around children.
  • Avoid using sprays made with oxide-polystyrene, as they’re dangerous for use around children.

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