A Fun DIY Guide To Painting A Glass Vase

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Painting a glass vase is a simple and quick way to give it a bold new look. The inexpensive glass vases at your local thrift store or the number of vases you’ve accumulated over the years can be made more stylish to fit better with your decor with just a few inexpensive supplies and a couple of hours of your time.  

Choose a design and paint for your glass vase according to the look you’re aiming for—Prep your work area and the glass vase before painting. Try out different techniques and finishes for a unique and modern look. Allow your vase sufficient curing time before using it.

A painted vase is a great way to add a pop of color to your decor. Let’s look at the steps to help you turn your boring vase into a modern, stunning new centerpiece. We’ll also talk about the supplies you’ll need and various designs to get you inspired. 

How to Prep Your Workspace

Before painting your vase, it’s important to prep your workspace. Cover the surface of your work table with protective plastic or cloth to prevent it from getting damaged by paint. Working outside or in a well-ventilated area will protect you from inhaling dangerous fumes.   

Choosing a Design

The process of stained glass painting

Be sure to wash your vase with soapy water before painting. Then, wipe it with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol and let it dry completely. This will ensure that the paint adheres effectively to the glass. 

You can use different techniques to give your vase a modern and unique look. Let’s look at some techniques you can use to create pieces that match your lifestyle. 

Chalky Finish

The simple chalky finish is very easy to achieve. Shake your can of chalky finish spray paint and spray lightly over your vase. Apply multiple coats to get the color you want, but be sure to wait a couple of minutes between each coat.   


A two-tone look is classic and elegant. But, for this look, you’ll first need to:

  1. Spray your vase with a classic white color. Wait for a couple of hours until the paint is completely dry.
  1. Now add delicate surface tape to the area where you don’t want to paint. You can tape shapes like diamonds or across as one continuous slant, according to your preference.   
  1. Once you have taped your design, tape a paper towel over the area, you aren’t about to paint to prevent overspray from ruining your vase.
  1. Now spray your second color. You can use a solid color or go for a textured finish depending on the look you’re aiming for. Spray multiple coats to achieve your desired color.
  1. Allow your paint to dry for at least half an hour, then remove the tape. 

The Supplies You’ll Need

Most of the supplies you’ll need to paint your glass vases can be easily found around your home. These include:

  • Clear glass vases
  • Craft paint specially formulated to work on glass
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Protective cloth or plastic
  • Paint brushes
  • Clean dish towel

Which Type of Paint is Best?

The best type of paint for DIY projects will depend on the look you want for your vase. For example, you might want to create a stunning statement piece for your living room or spray paint a number of glass vases and showcase them as a fancy party centerpiece. 

If you’re going for a bolder look, you should go with glossy spray paint. On the other hand, for a more mid-century modern look, you should use matte spray paint.

Other Supplies You’ll Need

In addition to the supplies above, you’ll need a few more things if you want to try out a particular painting technique. These include:

  • Stencils: Spray paints and stencils go a long way to making fun and unique designs. Spray over your stencil to create crisp lines and a bold pattern. You can also try this technique with lace if you don’t have any stencils.
  • Texture stickers: You can easily find some textured decals or tiny stick-on pearls to add to your vase. Stick them in stripes or all over, depending on your design.
  • Mud: For a completely different and nontraditional look, you can use mud to give your glass vase an aged look with texture. 

Crafting Tips for a Successful Project

Female hand painting glass jar with paint brush wooden desk

The following tips will help make your DIY project a success:

Use Different Vases

Grouping together vases of different shapes and heights will make for an eye-catching display. In addition, you can paint multiple vases in a single color or varying shades of the same color to give them an artisanal look. 

Using Brushes is Not Always the Best

It can be tricky, downright impossible, to paint a vase with a tapered neck efficiently with a brush. So don’t be afraid to use your fingers. 

Check the Vase by Holding it Up to the Light

Holding your vase to the light will allow you to see where the light is shining through. This will indicate the area which needs more paint. 

Allow Ample Curing Time

Don’t be hasty in using your vase. Allow the paint to cure completely before adding water to your vase. If you find it hard to wait for weeks before you can use your vase, then put a smaller container, like a cup, inside the vase and fill it with a bouquet. 

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