What to Know Before Installing Glass Countertops (Pricing Guide)

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The most modern and environmentally-friendly countertop for a kitchen or bathroom is glass. Most people choose wood or stone, which are aesthetic and long-lasting. However, there is something futuristic and unique about glass countertops. 

The price of a glass countertop installation will vary based on the type and size of glass you choose. A more designer choice, like sea glass, will cost $70 to $100 per square foot, while crushed glass can cost around $60 per square foot. Installation typically costs $30 to $80 per hour of work.   

While you may love the look of a glass countertop, of course, you need some more information before you install one. Let’s look at the cost and various other aspects of installing a glass countertop.

Why is Glass a Good Option for Countertops?

Glass countertop

Glass can be a great option for countertops if you want something durable yet stylish. Below you can find the various benefits of glass countertops for your interior. 

Heat Resistant

Glass is naturally heat-resistant, making it great for kitchen countertops. You will not need to worry about damaging your countertop when you put a hot pan on it or spill boiling water. Hot liquids won’t leave a mark on it like they will on other countertops.


Using glass countertops in your property is ideal if you want something durable and long-lasting. It is difficult to scratch or damage, ensuring you get your money’s worth.

Easy to Clean

Like all glass, glass countertops are easy to clean and maintain. Wiping them with disinfectant and glass spray will eliminate germs and keep them streak-free. 

Stain Resistant

The glass will not soak up any liquid or food, making it stain resistant. This is ideal for those that often experience spills and mishaps in the kitchen. You will not need to worry if you spill juice or intense spices on your countertops. 

If you want to protect your glass countertop when preparing food, it can be smart to add a glass chopping board like this one (on Amazon).  

Custom Shapes, Designs, and Sizes

Enjoying glass countertops in various shapes, designs, and sizes is possible. Whether you want a colored countertop or one with rounded edges, you can seek professional assistance in creating your dream glass countertop. 

What Are the Different Types of Glass Countertops? 

There are various types of glass countertops available on the market. Some are more affordable and ideal for those renovating on a budget. Some are more unique but expensive, so it’s a good idea to take a look at prices before you commit to a specific type.

Here is a list of the different types of glass countertops. 

Sea Glass

Sea glass is a combination of glass particles and resin or concrete. The components are created into a beautiful slab of blue and green glass. It is a semi-rare material, making it more expensive than other glass countertops. Materials usually cost between $70 and $100 per square foot. 

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is the most expensive form of glass countertop. It is typically a thick sheet of glass, which is heavy and extremely durable. This glass is heated when created, giving it its strength. Per square foot, tempered glass typically costs between $85 to $150. 

Crushed Glass

Crushed glass is the most affordable option, making it the most popular choice. It is recycled glass, making it easy to source and afford. Various resin shades and glass can be combined to create unique glass countertops. Crushed glass countertops cost between $60 and $130 per square foot.

What is the Cost of Installing Glass Countertops? 

Under construction kitchen

The price of installing a glass countertop depends on the professional you choose. They may charge per hour or per square foot of glass. 

Furthermore, the installation cost will also depend on the glass’s material, size, quality, and thickness. The more delicate, large, and thick the glass is, the more responsibility the professional has. Hence, they might charge more. 

The hourly rates for a professional to install a glass countertop range from $30 to $80. If they charge you per square foot, you might pay between $10 and $30 per square foot. 

Installing tiles and slabs will be charged differently than other glass countertop installations. Slabs are more expensive to install as they require more lifting and care. Glass slabs will cost around $90 per square foot, whereas glass tiles will cost between $30 and $60. Glass tiles are lighter and more affordable, making them cheaper to install.

Discussing your vision and the glass countertop details with the professional before the installation will ensure you seek the best help and ensure they know what to expect from the job. 

To guarantee your investment is worthwhile, investing in a professional with a great reputation, portfolio, and work ethic is smart. Always ask for an estimate before proceeding with an installation.

How to Choose a Finish 

Glass can be glossy or matte. Typically, the glass comes as a glossy product. The shine is natural but can be buffed away to reach a matte effect. Therefore, you will need to consider what finish you want prior to purchasing your glass. 

Polishing glass to achieve a matte finish is a multi-step process, but it can be achieved if you desire something non-glossy. Just know that this process may be costly and increase the overall price of your installation.

Many people choose a matte finish due to its soft and aesthetic finish. Some glossy options can cause light reflections, which can be distracting on sunny days. However, both are appealing and offer the same benefits.

Are There Downsides to Having a Glass Countertop?

Woman cleaning glass counter

There are a few downsides to installing a glass countertop. Although they are long-lasting, strong, and heat-resistant, there are a few disadvantages to consider before buying. 

  1. Visible smears. If you have wet or sticky fingers, these can leave marks and smears on the glass. Therefore, the aesthetic countertop might look dirty and require regular cleaning in a home with multiple young children.
  2. Cracks can be common. Although glass is durable, it is possible to mark or crack it. If you are not careful, you could risk damaging your glass countertop, which can be difficult to fix without replacing it.
  3. It is more expensive to install than other countertops. Glass countertops are the most expensive option, making it more of an investment than wood or stone countertops.
  4. Textured glass can be a challenge to clean. If you choose a textured glass countertop, it can be more of a challenge to clean and maintain. 

What to Consider Beforehand 

Before you go ahead with the investment and installation of a glass countertop, there are many things to consider. 


Glass is durable but not the most durable of all countertop options. Granite is the most durable material for a countertop as it will never scratch or dent without excessive force. Therefore, if you require something extremely durable, choose another material. 


Glass is one of the most expensive materials to install. It is worthwhile if you want to invest in something heat-resistant and unique. The materials can be affordable. However, installation is typically pricey compared to other countertops.

Therefore, you need to consider the overall cost of the materials and installation before you make a decision. It is an excellent choice for your home if you can afford the cost and do not mind the installation fees. 


Before installing a glass countertop, consider what you use it for and how you will use it. If you know you often prepare food and use heavy tools on your counter, you risk damaging glass countertops. Or, if you have children, you might be required to clean it often due to sticky hands. Yet, if you are gentle and clean, glass is a great countertop option.  

Thickness, Shape, and Size

Glass countertops come in various thicknesses, shapes, and sizes. You will want to decide what your countertop looks like before choosing the type of glass. 

Planning ahead will guarantee you choose the right design and size to suit your space and needs. The more complex and thick the glass is, the more expensive it will be to install. 


You can choose different textures for your glass countertop. You can enjoy smooth or rough textures, depending on your preference. 

It is important to note that textured glass can be difficult to clean and maintain. Therefore, if you want a countertop that is easy to maintain, choosing a smooth glossy finish can be smarter.


Various professionals design and create unique glass countertops. You can choose something plain and standard, or you could choose something more interesting. 

For example, you can choose sea glass countertops, which will be blue-green in color with unique patterns. Or, you could choose glass with an intricate design throughout. Either way, you should consider what design you wish to have before choosing your material and proceeding with installation. 


It is possible to choose between different glass materials for your countertop. There is unique sea glass, tempered, or recycled crushed glass. 

The material you choose will either reduce or increase installation costs. Plus, each material will offer a different finish. Sea glass will make your space appear more luxurious and unique, whereas crushed glass is common, making it less interesting. That being said, crushed glass is cheaper to buy and install, making it ideal for those on a budget. 

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