How To Paint Shower Glass

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Don’t replace your shower glass yet. Painting its frame is an excellent way of making it look new and modern. It’s a relatively affordable hack, and you won’t break the bank. But you need to do it right to achieve the desired outcome.

Prep by removing all traces of dirt and rust. Also, place a dry cloth on the floor and tape the frame. Next, apply a coat of primer and allow it to dry. Next, spray the first coat of paint. Repeat this, going for several light coats rather than one thick layer of paint.

The final outcome depends on how precise and creative you’ll get. You will love this process if you love getting your hands dirty and creating something beautiful in the long run.

What Type of Paint is Best on Shower Glass?

Silhouette Of Artist Painting Glass Window

The right paint for your shower glass gives you a smooth and consistent finish. Unfortunately, since glassware is one of the most challenging materials to paint, choosing the type of paint to use becomes even harder.

You can either go with spray paint or regular paint, and different schools of thought support both. Here’s their comparison.

Spray Paint vs. Regular Paint

Most spray paints are oil-based and, so, are a better option than regular paint for glass. But note that in this process, we are only painting the glass frame and not the entire glass. So, you can go with any option that you prefer.

An advantage of spray paint is that it gives out an even spray, which is vital in this process. In addition, it is easy to use, dries more quickly, and can practically be used on any surface. But the quality of spray paints varies significantly between products, and some nozzles may not give the desired results.

Regular (brush-on) paint is still a great option to go with. While it makes the process slightly longer, the final finish is beautiful. Brush rollers don’t give out a lot of fumes, and you don’t need to wear a protective mask when using them. You must use a high-quality brush to get a good finish.

We recommend spray paint if you’ve never painted before and are not very good with details. You’ll need to wear a protective mask, but the process won’t take long. Use a brush-on paint if you are precise and keen on details and want the perfect outcome.

Note: The steps in this guide use spray paint, but they still apply to regular paint.

What You’ll Need

Before you begin, gather all the materials you’ll need.

  • A drop cloth.
  • Cleaner. Any bathroom cleaner should work. You can also mix dawn dish soap, white vinegar, and water in your spray bottle.
  • Protective mask. You must use a protective mask, especially when you are using spray paint. A respirator mask is the best, although you can use the N95 mask.
  • Painter’s tape and spray paint.
  • A knife to help you cut off the painter’s tape, although it’s not mandatory.
  • Medium-grade sandpaper to scrub rust from the glass frame.

Once everything is set, you can begin the painting process.

How to Prep for Painting

Here is how you prepare for the painting process.

  1. Start by preparing the bathroom. Put drop cloths on the floor around the shower glass before painting it. This is to avoid paint sticking on your tile and porcelain surfaces. They are easy to clean, but they will save you the hassle.
  1. Next, open the windows to allow plenty of airflow. You want to avoid the indoor air becoming polluted by chemical residues from the paint. You can even turn on your fan to increase the airflow. You should leave the windows open until the paint fully dries.
  1. Once that is done, the next step is to scrub the door frame and remove all traces of dirt, debris, corrosion, and rust. Use medium-grade sandpaper to remove any spots of rust. The frame should be clean and dry before you begin painting.
  1. Use the painter’s tape to line the edges of the frame so that you won’t get any paint on them. Ensure the tape lines up perfectly with the edges of the door. You can then use a thick paper or plastic drop cloth to cover the glass part, your walls, the floor, and the tub—basically anything within a foot of the shower door.
  1. Use as much tape as you can. You are better off over-preparing than being caught off guard. You don’t want paint ending up on your walls.

How to Paint Your Shower Glass

You are now ready to begin painting the glass. The process is not difficult and will take a short time. When using spray paint, here are a few things to remember. One, have the spray can at least 6 inches from the surface you are spraying.

Two, use very light coats of paint. A thick layer of paint creates a gunky and dripping build-up. Also, move the can evenly over the surface you are painting.

  1. Begin by spraying a coat of spray primer. This helps the paint stick to the door frame. Give it time to dry, around 15 to 30 minutes. Different primers have different drying times. Check on your product label.
  1. Once the primer is fully dry, spray the first coat of paint. Go for several light coats rather than one thick layer of paint. You may end up with drips, which is okay.
  1. Leave the paint to dry completely before wiping off the drips. Don’t do it right away when the paint is wet, or you’ll end up with a bigger mess.
  1. Use sandpaper to gently remove the drip. Once done, spray a light coat of paint over these areas.

Removing the Tape

Once everything is done, it is time to remove the tape. The goal is to do so without peeling off the shower door. You have two options for removing the tape.

  • One, you can remove the tape when the final coat of paint is still wet. This method works very well, although pulling off the tape in areas covered in wet paint can be challenging.
  • You can also wait for the paint to dry before scouring the tape’s edges. Then, use a utility knife and run its blade along the edge of the tape. This method breaks any seal between the metal and the tape without causing a mess.

Tips for Making Your Paint Last

Colorful painting on a glass

Here are a few tips to consider if you want the paint to last long.

  • Consider using other bathrooms before your freshly painted bathroom dries. It will take around five hours for the paint to dry, but you can leave it for a day to be sure. Any contact with water will make the paint wet again and run down the frames.
  • Use a color that matches well with other bathroom fixtures. Black and brown are the most commonly used colors, but you can also use bright shades like silver, red, blue, or gold.
  • Repair the shower glass frame before painting it. Remove corrosion from your brass or aluminum frame; otherwise, the paint won’t stick well. And not just corrosion; paint will not stick to dirt, dust, grease, or scum. So, clean your frame really well before you paint it.

Better than New

Isn’t it amazing what you can do if you get a little creative? Painting your shower glass is an incredible way of bringing life back to the shower room. You can choose to paint both the inside and outside or outside only. Either way, the result is splendid.

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