Spray Tint for Car Windows: Does it Work?

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Car window tinting is becoming increasingly popular due to the practicality that comes with it, such as giving you more privacy and protecting the interior of your car from UV rays. While in years past most people had to take their vehicles to the dealership if they wanted a tint job, today, it is as easy as spraying it from a can. But the question is, does it work?

Using a spray tint for your car windows is much less expensive and it can work incredibly well if you follow the steps carefully and slowly. Many people have successfully used spray tint to tint their windows. But, if you make a mistake, it can be costly as spray tint is permanent. 

Wonder what else you may need to know about using a spray tint on your car windows? Let’s look at some of the details about spray tint before you make your decision about tinting your car windows. 

What is Tint Spray?

Worker tinting car window in shop

Tint spray is the process of spraying a paint-type material on your car windows to add a bit of shading. Like tint film, it is designed to slightly darken your windows, allowing for added privacy and other benefits.

This material comes in an aerosol spray can and sounds much like when you are painting with spray paint. In much the same way, you will apply the contents of the can in a similar fashion, trying not to stay in one spot for too long.

Many people view tint spray as a more accessible alternative to tint film since all you have to do is point, spray, and move the can evenly across the window. In most cases, cars with curved windows are much easier to tint with this aerosol spray.

What is the Difference Between Tint Spray and Tint Film?

The main difference between tint spray and tint film is evident since one is in an aerosol can and the other is a plastic film. Therefore, although they both have the same purpose, the application process can differ.

With tint spray, you must follow directions carefully by shaking the can and spraying evenly across the window. Experts suggest that you do this at a slow and steady pace since tint sprays tend to be a permanent application.

On the other hand, tint films are plastic films applied by unrolling them and carefully placing them on the window. This process has to be done slowly and by someone who knows what they are doing to avoid a botched job.

The bottom line is that while tint spray and tint film effectively tint your car windows, tint spray may be the better option. This is because it is much less expensive and easier to apply than tint film.

Is Tint Spray More Cost Effective than Tint Film?

Tinting of glass in car

When it comes to the cost of tint spray, the initial costs are much less expensive than tint film since it is in an aerosol can. Instead of buying the materials that you need for the film, the only supply you need is a can of tint spray.

Because of this, most people find that tint spray is much more cost-effective than tint film, at least initially. In addition, since just about anyone can do tint spray, you can save on having to get a professional involved in the process.

The problem comes into play when you are not as careful about applying the tinted spray as you should be. This can cause the tint to go on unevenly, making your car windows look highly unprofessional.

In addition to getting it uneven, because tint spray is a permanent solution, making a mistake may cost you much more than you initially paid. Therefore, experts recommend that if you use tint spray, you should take extra precautions and ensure you are spraying it correctly.

How do You Apply Tint Spray?

Like using tint film, the process of applying tint spray to your car windows is an extremely meticulous process. It should not be taken lightly or done when you are in a hurry since the spray is permanent.

Here is how you apply tint spray effectively:

  1. First, clean your window thoroughly to remove any dirt, debris, or residue.
  1. Cover all other surfaces the spray may contact.
  1. Lower the window slightly to ensure you get the window’s top edge.
  1. Spray evenly across the entire surface of the window.
  1. Allow it to dry completely.
  1. Roll the window up and apply it to the bottom edge.
  1. Remove all protective materials from the rest of the car.

Remember that while these directions are designed to help you complete the job correctly, you should be mindful of how you spray. This is because if you spray in one area for too long or continue to spray the area several times, you can come out with either an uneven tint or a tint that is too dark.

How Long Does Tint Spray Last?

Using a tinted spray has advantages and disadvantages, just like any other way you decide to change your vehicle. The question that many people ask is how long the tinted spray will last on your window.

The quick answer is that tint spray is a permanent solution to achieving the tinted windows you want for your car. It does not fade over time, which can be great if you apply it correctly.

Keep in mind that if you made any mistakes, they might be more challenging to fix than if you had used tinting film. Since tint spray is designed to last a long time, removing it requires a lot of scrubbing that could permanently damage the window.

At the end of the day, you should be aware that tinting spray is designed to be a permanent solution to tinting your windows. Therefore, if you choose this method, you should be sure that you can do it without making errors that can cost you time and money.

Final Thoughts on Spray Tint for Car Windows

Overall, tinting your car windows can be extremely rewarding if you want to protect your privacy and your car’s interior. Spray tint is an excellent solution for those who want tinted windows without paying a professional to install tinting film. 

Keep in mind, however, that just because tinting spray is less expensive, it does not mean it is the best solution for your car, as some people may find the application difficult. In this case, or if you are nervous you may ruin your windows with spray tint, it may be better to pay for a professional application. 

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