Can You Use A Steam Cleaner For Shower Glass?

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Using products like shower gel or shampoo causes deposits to build up and form a greasy, oily-looking film on the shower glass that’s very difficult to remove. Water and standard detergents aren’t enough to get rid of it; that’s why you need a steam cleaner to remove those stubborn stains.    

You can use a steam cleaner on shower glass to remove soap scum and dirt. Remove the top layer of dirt from the glass with your steam cleaner. Apply a mixture of vinegar and water to the glass and leave it for an hour. Attach the appropriate brush and scrub the glass while steaming. 

Keeping your shower glass sparkling clean is quite a tough job—especially if you live in an area that gets hard water. So let’s look at how you can clean the soap scum and limescale buildup using a steam cleaner and what are the steps that can help you maintain a clean shower glass.

Can You Steam Clean Shower Glass?

Woman cleaning in bathroom, washing glass with shower steam

Yes, you can steam clean your shower glass if homemade cleaners and traditional scrubbing methods prove to be ineffective. Hard water deposits and grime buildup are quite difficult to remove, but with the help of a steam cleaner, you can easily loosen these stubborn dirt stains. 

Steam cleaning is an effective and time-saving method for cleaning shower glass. If you haven’t already used one in your bathroom, the following reasons will motivate you to invest in one right away:

  • Steam cleaning is effective, easy, and quick.
  • A steam cleaner is designed to successfully tackle anything that causes stains on your glass, including limescale, dirt, and soap scum.
  • Using steam cleaners is also good for the environment, as you can clean your shower glass without using any harsh cleaners or chemicals.
  • The heat from the pressurized steam can kill up to 99.9% of bathroom bacteria and germs.

How to Steam Clean Shower Glass 

You can steam clean your shower glass with the help of the following steps:

Fill Your Steam Cleaner with Distilled Water

Using distilled water in your steam cleaner not only helps to prevent steam cleaner corrosion, but it’s also the best option to clean your shower glass. You can also use tap water if you have soft and potable water in your home.  

Avoid using hard tap water, as it contains minerals such as calcium and iron that can cause deposits to build up in your steam cleaner. 

Fill your tank and heat it up according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. 

Use the Steam Cleaner to Remove the Top Layer of Dirt

After filling the steam cleaner with water, give your shower glass a pressurized rinse to remove the soap scum and dirt on the surface. This steam blast will also help loosen the mineral buildup. 

Spray the Glass with Vinegar 

Next, prep your shower glass to remove stains and mineral buildup by applying your preferred method of cleaning. You can use a homemade solution for this purpose.

Mix vinegar (on Amazon) and water equally in a spray bottle and spray on both sides of the shower glass.  

Let the solution sit for a couple of hours, as it’ll help dissolve soap scum and limescale deposits.

Use the Appropriate Brush while Steam Cleaning

Now it’s time to use the steam cleaner (on Amazon) again. Attach the appropriate brush to the steam cleaner and scrub your glass, working from top to bottom while steaming. 

This will remove the loosened limescale buildup and help you avoid staining the areas you’ve already cleaned with the dirty run-off.

You might have to repeat this step a couple of times, depending on how stubborn the mineral and grime buildup is. 

Switch to the squeegee attachment when you come to the end of your cleaning process to completely rid your glass of dirt and soap scum.

Use a Microfiber Cloth to Dry the Shower Glass

Once your shower glass is completely clean, wipe it down with a microfiber cloth (on Amazon), so the shower glass is nice and dry.     

How to Maintain Clean Shower Glass

Cleaning of shower steam cabins from calcium deposits

Shower glass cleaning is an arduous task; however, keeping it clean is essential. Using a steam cleaner will help remove all the dirt and grime, but you’ll have to perform regular cleaning afterward to make sure that it remains squeaky clean.  

Remember, cleaning your shower glass periodically will make the task less time-consuming and much easier compared to the initial cleaning.

Here’s how you can keep your glass looking like new:

  • Clean the glass after every shower. The steam and warm water from your shower typically loosen the dirt and grime, which makes it easy to clean the glass after a hot shower daily instead of excessively scrubbing it when the mineral buildup has gone too far.
  • The key to a cleaner shower glass is preventative maintenance. Be sure to keep a deep-cleaning schedule for your shower glass. It’s a good practice to perform a deep cleaning on your shower glass once a month.
  • Applying water-repellent products such as Rain-x (on Amazon) on your recently steam-cleaned shower glass keeps it glossy. It also prevents the minerals and soap from sticking to the glass. 

Can Steam Cleaning Damage Glass? 

Steam cleaners aren’t only effective in cleaning shower glass; they can also be used to clean windows and other glass materials. However, it’s absolutely crucial that you avoid steam cleaning the windows when it’s cold outside. 

This is due to the temperature difference between the cold window panes and the hot steam. Anything more than 60 degrees Fahrenheit can result in cracks or even shattering the glass.  

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