Can You Tint Shower Glass?

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Shower glass gives your bathroom a classy, modern look and makes the room appear larger. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, shower glass provides better protection from cold drafts. However, there’s one problem with shower glass — it offers little or no privacy.

Shower glass can be tinted to provide privacy and add a decorative touch. You can tint your shower glass by frosting, applying a window film, or installing window clings. You can complete the tinting as a DIY project or hire the services of a professional. 

Tinting your shower glass is an easy way to add some privacy to your bathroom. Let’s take a closer look at which glass is best for tinting and the various tinting options to find out which one is best for you. We’ll also consider whether you need professional help for the task.

Can You Tint Shower Glass?

Modern bathroom shower area with glass doors

All types of shower glass can be tinted by applying a film or a coating. This helps to limit the amount of light that can pass through. Different colors can be used for tinting shower glass; however, most people prefer various shades of blue or green. 

Tinting shower glass allows you to attain different levels of privacy, depending on the darkness of the tint. It also gives your shower enclosure a more sophisticated look compared to normal clear glass. 

You can either tint only your shower door or go for the whole shower enclosure, depending on your preference. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that tinting can affect the color of your bathroom tiles. So make sure that you choose the tinting color carefully to achieve your desired decor result.    

What Are Your Options for Tinting Shower Glass?

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or planning a retrofit, the following options are the most economical and convenient:

Frosting Glass Doors

The primary purpose of frosting is to obscure the glass’s clear appearance with the help of different techniques. You can hire a professional, do the project yourself, or simply purchase shower glass that’s already frosted. 

Using frosted paint (on Amazon) is the easiest way to frost your glass. You can also frost your shower glass with the help of acid etching, but this requires special skills since handling acid can be a bit dangerous.   

Adding a Window Film

These films are like wallpaper but for glass. They not only help to make your shower more private, but they also add a decorative element to your bathroom. 

Window films (on Amazon) are pre-made and come in various sizes and designs. To ensure a perfect fit, you can easily cut the film according to the size of your shower glass.

Install Window Clings

Window clings are typically a decal for car windows, but they can be used on glass doors as well. Similar to window films, window clings are available in various patterns.

You can choose a design that maximizes privacy while matching your bathroom decor.      

Can You DIY Shower Glass Tint?

Frosted shower glass adds privacy to your windows and doors without blocking the passage of light. While professionals frost glass by sandblasting, you can achieve the same result on your own with the following basic methods:

Spray paint 

It’s very easy to frost glass with the help of special spray paints available. One such popular product is Rust-Oleum (on Amazon) which makes it very simple to add privacy or a decorative touch to your mirrors, shower doors, and windows. 

Make sure you clean the glass thoroughly before applying the finish. Spray a thin coat and let it dry. You can also apply additional coats if you want greater opacity.

Window Film

Bathroom interior

Window film is another simple way to frost your glass. It’s non-adhesive and works by means of static cling. This means that if it’s not applied correctly on the first try, you can start over again quite easily.   

Before applying the window film, be sure to wash the glass surface with a lint-free cloth and glass cleaner. Mix a few drops of dish detergent with water in a spray bottle and lightly spritz the glass. Apply the window film while removing the air bubbles with a squeegee.  


Another way to achieve a permanently frosted effect is by using a glass etching cream like the Armour Etch (on Amazon). 

Make sure you read the instructions provided by the manufacturer before starting.   

Use painter’s tape to mask off sensitive areas, and then use a bristled brush to scrub etching cream onto the glass. Leave the cream for the amount of time suggested by the manufacturer. Use warm water to rinse off the cream.  

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