What To Put Inside Glass Kitchen Cabinets & How To Style Them

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When it comes to styling kitchen cabinets, there are countless options, from wooden doors to glass panels. Glass kitchen cabinets are especially popular among those who want to open up their space, making it feel airier. But what should you keep in glass cabinetry?

Glass cabinets are ideal for storing wine glasses, dishes, cups, filled containers, cook books, and much more. Regardless of what you decide to store behind the glass, try to keep the contents well organized and evenly spaced to avoid a messy, cluttered appearance.

Mastering the look of your glass kitchen cabinets is an important part of styling the overall space. Use this guide to ensure your cabinets are practical and convenient but also visually appealing. 

What Can You Put in Glass Cabinets in the Kitchen? 

Kitchen with glass cabinets

Realistically, you can put just about anything you like in your glass kitchen cabinets. However, if you want them to be functional and aesthetic, here are some ideas of items that should look great behind glass.

You definitely don’t need to add every item on the list. It best to maintain a minimal look in your glass cabinets, and sufficient spacing will help prevent your items from damage.

Here are some of the most common items that are stored in glass kitchen cabinets:

  • Wine glasses: Wine glasses are a great option for glass cabinets. They compliment the glass panel and enhance the airiness of the space. They will also won’t soak up the light. Instead, they will enhance the light, making your cabinets glow and your kitchen feel bigger. Wine glasses like these (on Amazon) would look great in your glass cabinets.
  • Dishes: If you own specially designed or decorated dishes, these could be kept in your glass cabinets. They will add texture, and you’ll be able to enjoy the designs even when they’re not in use.
  • Mugs and cups: In addition to glassware, you can place your favorite mugs and cups in the glass cabinets. If they are of a similar color or texture, it will enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen.
  • Filled containers: Those that love organization might want to consider putting filled glass containers inside glass cabinets. For instance, filling jars with cereals, nuts, or cookies looks appealing and enhances the organization of your kitchen.
  • Cookbooks: If you own cookbooks, it’s great to display them openly in your kitchen alongside your kitchenware. They add texture and depth to the space. Furthermore, you’ll be inspired to cook each time you see them! Don’t be shy to display cookbooks in your glass cabinets.
  • Display pieces: Decorative pieces of any kind will look great in your glass cabinets. The cabinets will provide a safe home while also allowing you to view the pieces on a regular basis.

You should keep your glass kitchen cabinets as minimal as possible so that you avoid damaging pieces and overcrowding your kitchen. 

How Do You Style a Glass Kitchen Cabinet?

In order to maintain a tidy, minimal look in your glass kitchen cabinets, here are some styling tips you can apply:

Pick a Color Scheme (and Stick to It!)

If you want your glass kitchen cabinets to have an aesthetic appeal and align with the rest of your interior, you’ll want to choose and stick to a color scheme. 

For example, you might enjoy neutral tones but also own many red and blue bowls that don’t align with your kitchen’s exterior. Therefore, place matching toned pieces into the cabinet and leave the contrasting pieces for the other cabinets without glass panels.

You can skip this step if you enjoy clashing colors. You can choose a color scheme for the glassware and plates that contrast your interior.

Or, you can design it to be mismatched if that’s what you prefer. You should choose your own color scheme and stick to the pattern so maintain the design of your kitchen. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Textures

Adding varying textures to your cabinets can make them appear more visually interesting, especially if you stick to just one or two colors. 

Textures add depth to your cabinetry and kitchen style. For instance, you could add a mixture of wooden, glass, and metal elements. 

Keep It Symmetrical 

To avoid making your kitchen look messy, try to keep the inside of your glass cabinet as symmetrical as possible. Keeping things symmetrical will enhance the balance and tidiness of your space.

When you put things back in the cabinets after use, return them to their original spot to maintain the balance.


It’s essential to make your glass kitchen cabinets accessible. To do so, place your most used items on the lower shelves and toward the front. 

Making everything accessible will help prevent damage and ensure you can use your cabinets without having to constantly remove everything to reach one item at the back.

Individual Stacks

Another way to keep your kitchenware safe is to stack things individually. Individual stacking will help you avoid dropping things or pushing things over when reaching for something. It will also enhance the balance and tidiness of the interior spaces. 

Don’t Overcrowd the Space

Modern glass kitchen cabinet for crystal glasses with yellow warm backlight

Overcrowding the space inside your glass kitchen cabinet will hinder their overall appeal. Therefore, it’s best to keep only the essentials in your glass cabinets.

You can store other unused or bulky items in other less visible storage units. 

Jars for Utensils

Putting utensils in your glass kitchen cabinet is a nice way to display these often-used items. Consider using clear glass jars to organize your utensils within the cabinets.

Carefully Position Your Bowls

If you’re putting bowls in your cabinets, stacking them is a great way to boost the visual appeal. If you only have a few bowls alongside some plates, for example, position the bowls on top of your plates. 

This can create depth and ensure that the bowls are safe whenever you need one from the cabinet. 

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