This Is The Best Glass Cleaner For Your Car Windows

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In order to drive safely, you need to be able to see out your windows, which may require cleaning your car windows. But with so many different glass cleaners on the market, it can be challenging to know which to buy. 

The best glass cleaners for car windows are those which don’t contain ammonia, as this ingredient, found in most typical glass cleaners, will leave streaks on your windows. You should also look for an alcohol-free cleaner if you have tinted windows to avoid possible damage.

Want to learn more about the best glass cleaners for your car windows? Let’s look at some options and which one may be best for your vehicle. 

Does Typical Glass Cleaner Work on Car Windows?

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Typical glass cleaner is often recommended for cleaning car windows, but the reality is that it doesn’t do a very good job. While it might remove some dirt and grime, it often leaves streaks behind. 

Not to mention that typical glass cleaner isn’t safe for all surfaces of your car, meaning you could inadvertently damage an aspect of your vehicle while you are simply trying to be able to see the road. 

Have issues with your windows fogging as you drive? Typical glass cleaners could also cause this. Therefore, a standard glass cleaner on car windows is not recommended. 

Is Ammonia-Based Cleaner Bad for Your Windshield?

Many typical glass cleaners, such as Windex, are ammonia-based, an excellent solution for killing germs and bacteria. The problem is that ammonia can also damage your car. 

Ammonia is known to break down the rubber holding your window in place, as well as the film used to tint car windows. This means if you use ammonia on your windshield, which is tinted to protect you from the sun, you may notice your tint fading, cracking, or even peeling from the windshield. 

What is the Best Cloth to Clean With?

Besides choosing the cleaner carefully, it’s essential to use good material to clean your car windows. Many common materials, like sponges and towels, are too coarse for car windows and can leave behind scratches and streaks. 

You should use a microfiber cloth to clean your windows for the best results. Microfiber is made of special thin fibers which grip dirt and absorb water while also being soft to the touch. 

Microfiber cloths can help you to get any of your windows streak free when used with the proper cleaner. Plus, microfiber cloths are safe on tinted surfaces, which isn’t true of sponges or towels. 

These Are the Best Window Cleaning Solutions on the Market 

Ready to find a safe cleaning solution for your car that won’t leave any streaks behind? Below are the best window cleaning solutions on the market. 

Invisible Glass

Invisible Glass (on Amazon) cleaner lives up to its name because it cleans so well that you will think your glass is invisible. In addition, it’s ammonia-free, making it one of the few labeled glass cleaners safe for the tinted windows in your car. Also, it’s made in the USA, so you can feel good about this purchase. 

Whoosh Screen Cleaner

Whoosh Screen Cleaner (on Amazon) is technically for touch screens, but because these are very delicate surfaces, it also makes this cleaner safe for your car windows. In addition, it’s alcohol and ammonia free, so it can even be applied to your tinted windows without stress. 

The price point is a bit higher than Invisible Glass, but you purchase a refillable bottle, so the cost decreases after the initial purchase. 

Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

Megula’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner (on Amazon) will get any cleaning job you need done with a few easy sprays on your car window. This solution is extra strength, making it ideal after an off-roading adventure or road trip.

The only downside is that it owes its extra strength to the fact that it contains alcohol (but not ammonia), meaning it may not be safe for all tinted surfaces. So before using this solution on your tinted car windows, be sure to verify with your tint manufacturer. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Glass Cleaner for Your Car Windows

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Overall, there are a couple of different cleaners that are considered to be the best. The right one for you will depend on how dirty your vehicle is and whether your windows have been tinted or not.

As long as you apply the solution using a microfiber towel, you should no longer have a problem with steaks on your car windows. 

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