How To Wash A Car With Tinted Windows

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Having a car with tinted windows can be a huge benefit, especially if you live somewhere with hot summers! But before you get your windows tinted, you might be wondering if you will still be able to clean the car the same way you were when the windows weren’t tinted.

Window tint is a film installed on the interior of car windows, which means you can continue cleaning your car in an automatic car wash following a window tint. You will, however, need to exercise caution when washing the interior of your car’s windows. 

Ready to learn more about caring for your car after a window tint? Let’s look at some of the best ways you can clean the exterior and interior of your vehicle once it has tinted windows. 

What is the Purpose of Window Tint?

Male worker tries on sheet of car tinting

Car window tinting is an optional upgrade that many people choose to add to their cars. It involves applying a window darkening film to the interior of the windows. 

There are several reasons people choose to get their windows tinted; the most common is to block the sun’s rays, making it easier for them to see and keep the car cooler in the summer months. Another reason people choose to tint their windows is because it offers them more privacy as they drive. 

Can You Wash Your Car Windows After Getting Them Tinted?

Window tinting usually costs a couple of hundred dollars to have done to your car. Therefore you might be a little worried about doing anything to mess up the tint after you have it done. But while you can mess up a window tint in several ways, washing your car windows is not one of them.

This is because the window tint is applied to the interior of the windows, meaning the water won’t even reach the tinted part. So when you stop at a gas station, don’t be afraid to grab that squeegee and get those bugs off your car windows! 

Can You Go Through a Car Wash With Tinted Windows?

While washing your car by hand is one thing, going through an automatic car wash is entirely different. The good news is that you can still take your vehicle to an automatic car wash even after your windows are tinted. 

Remember, the tint is on the interior of the windows, meaning the water in the car wash won’t bother it. Just double-check that your windows are rolled up before you drive into the car wash so no water can leak in and damage your tinted windows. 

How to Clean the Interior of Your Car’s Windows 

Hand holding a blue fiber towel to wipe the car window

When you first get your windows tinted, you shouldn’t wash the interior side of the windows for at least four days, longer if the company which does your tint tells you not to. But once these initial days have passed, you can feel free to clean the interior of your car’s windows. 

  • You also should never use an ammonia-based cleaner, such as Windex, as this can destroy the tinting film. Instead, make a homemade solution of half water and half vinegar and apply it gently using the microfiber cloth.
  • Use a second dry cloth to dry the window, and it should be clean. You should also avoid using paper towel as it can leave streaks or dust.

For best results, only clean one window at a time so the soapy solution doesn’t have time to dry on the window before you can wipe it off. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Car’s Windows?

Although your interior windows don’t get as dirty as your exterior windows, once the tinting film has been set, you should clean them regularly. 

How regularly you need to clean them will depend on how much you use your car. For those who have a long commute all day every day, they may need to clean their interior windows every week or every other week. 

In general, no matter how much you drive, you should aim to clean your car’s windows at least once every month. 

Final Thoughts on How to Wash a Car With Tinted Windows

Overall, don’t be nervous about washing your car after getting your windows tinted because once the film is set, you can continue cleaning the exterior the same way you did before.

But, whatever you do, don’t use ammonia when cleaning the interior of your tinted windows because this can damage the film. Otherwise, you should have no issues and can enjoy having a car with tinted windows for years to come! 

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