Re-Tinting Your Car Windows: What You Need To Know

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Having tint on your car windows is not just for aesthetic benefits, but it’s a functional addition that will improve your experience as a car owner, like protecting you from prying eyes or UV rays. But what should you do if your old tint is falling apart?

If your car tint is getting old and falling apart, re-tinting is the way. First, you need tools like a hair dryer, a razor, and a microfiber towel to remove the tint. Then clean the windows before applying new tint film. 

You can either do it yourself or hire a professional. But no matter which route you go, it is important to keep yourself and others safe and comfortable while driving. So now let’s learn more about re-tinting car windows.

Can You Re-Tint Car Windows?

Mechanic tinting car window with tinted foil or film

When applied professionally, window tinting can last for years with good maintenance practices. However, it will eventually give up because of wear over time. For example, it begins forming bubbles and discoloration, or the tint will start peeling on the edges because the adhesive breaks down.

When this happens, the right choice is to remove all the tint and reapply with new material. Next, you need to replace the film, and this is a task you can do with the right tools and following the correct procedure. 

What is the Benefit of Window Tint?

There are many reasons you need to keep your car windows tinted. However, when the film degrades and needs to be removed, you should consider getting a replacement immediately. These are some benefits you enjoy when you tint your car windows. 

Reduce UV Radiation Exposure

Exposure to sunlight when driving could trigger health complications. It leads to sunburns and other skin conditions, not forgetting the discomfort. In addition, it can be a nightmare to enjoy the driving experience on sunny days.

While standard car tint will not block 100% UV radiation, it can block up to 99% of harmful rays, protecting your skin while driving. Having a tint on your windows is an important choice if you drive for hours daily. 

Protect Upholstery from Fading

Your vehicle’s durability depends on the decisions you make regarding maintenance. For example, window tinting protects the upholstery from fading.

Applying car tint is a no-brainer if you don’t want your vehicle to look older quickly. The tint blocks harsh sun rays, so the leather stays in good condition. Further, tinting will ensure the interior does not crack or warp because of too much exposure to direct sunlight. 

Shatter Proofing

In the U.S., about 3 million nonfatal crash injuries are recorded yearly. Some of them are caused by shattered glass when the car crashes. Window tint serves as shatter proofing, as it creates a film that holds the pieces together after a crash. So, your car tint can also offer safety benefits in an accident. 

Better Privacy and Security

You don’t want people looking into the car to see what’s inside. So when you leave valuables in your vehicles, you can have confidence prying eyes will not be tempted to intrude.

This is especially important if you frequently visit areas prone to auto theft. Malicious passersby cannot check inside for valuables, and they’ll not even know if there are occupants in the vehicle. 

Safer Driving

Driving with the sun hitting directly to your face is brutal and deadly. It could increase your chances of crashing.

The best solution to ensure you don’t struggle driving in sunlight is to ensure your car windows are tinted. It helps you have a perfect view, so you’ll be positioned well to see pedestrians, oncoming vehicles, and traffic signs. 

Should You Hire a Pro or Do it Yourself?

Regarding car tinting, you should treat this as any other vehicle maintenance process. The outcome must be as professional as possible.

You can tint your car if you have the right tools and skills for the job. Otherwise, tinting the car windows yourself is not recommended, so if you’re tempted to go DIY, this might not be the kind of project to experiment with. 

Also, doing it yourself might mean getting the wrong materials as you don’t have the experience to verify what the right quality looks like.

A professional will source for high-grade treatment, ensure the tint film stays in place for years, and do a clean job without damaging the vehicle. They also know local tint requirements and advise accordingly, so you should entrust the process to a professional.

How Often Do Car Windows Need to Be Re-Tinted?

car window tint installation

So, how long should you wait before replacing your car tint? A high-quality tint should give you up to five years of impressive service.

However, the five-year replacement varies depending on shielding, material quality, and installation type. Over time, the tint material will lose the shielding, which can go down 70% in five years. 

How Much Does it Cost to Get Car Windows Re-Tinted?

It’s important to consider the price when thinking about car tinting. However, window tints are not expensive, even for high-end brands, so this is a price you should not be afraid to pay.

On average, you can get your car tinted from $100 to $400. Anything cheaper than that may not guarantee a good outcome, so only go for the best quality and avoid problems soon after installing the tint film. 


Tinting your car offers benefits like protection against UV radiation, which can be a health hazard after prolonged exposure.

Also, you will enjoy a more comfortable driving experience as the tint ensures your car does not heat up on a sunny day. If you want to install high-quality tint, you should get a professional for the job. 

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