Can You Use Borax On Glass Shower Doors?

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Shower glass doors can sometimes be the dirtiest place in the house. But if you don’t have a specific glass door cleaner on hand, you may be wondering if it is okay to clean them with Borax.

You can clean glass shower doors with Borax if it is made into a paste first. Use a sponge to apply it and rinse it off with the shower head. If you don’t like cleaning your shower every week, it might be time to try some shower maintenance ideas. 

Wondering what the best way to keep your shower clean is? Let’s look at the process of cleaning your shower with Borax and the best ways to lower the number of times you need to clean your shower each month. 

Can You Use Borax to Clean Glass Shower Doors?

You can use Borax to help you clean your glass shower doors, but it will be different than using the type of cleaners you are used to. Borax comes as a powder and cannot be put on your shower doors as is. 

To use Borax on your glass shower doors, you will need to mix it into a paste, as this is the only way it can be used to clean. But when used properly, Borax can leave your shower door clean and streak-free.

How to Clean Shower Doors with Borax Effectively 

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Because cleaning with Borax is different from any other cleaning solution, below is the process you should follow to ensure you are using it to clean your glass shower doors properly. 

Materials Required:

What to Do

  1. Put a small amount of Borax powder in a bucket and add a small amount of water.
  1. Mix until a paste is formed. Start with a small amount of each and then add more of each depending on how watery or firm the paste is. 
  1. Dampen your sponge and use it to apply the Borax paste to the glass shower doors. Ensure you scrub any spots with thick limescale or soap scum. 
  1. Turn on the shower head and wash away any remnants of the Borax paste.
  1. Use a microfiber towel to dry the shower glass doors. 
  1. Look at your shower doors and see if any spots were missed. Then, repeat steps 1-4 in these spots to leave your shower doors spotless. 

Just like that, you’ve officially used Borax to clean your shower glass doors! 

How to Maintain a Clean Glass Shower Door 

Cleaning glass shower doors every week can be a hassle, so it is recommended that you take steps to maintain them so they don’t need to be cleaned as often. Below are some tips for keeping clean shower doors. 

Use a Squeegee

You, and anyone else in your household that uses the shower, should try to use a squeegee (on Amazon) after you finish.

Brushing all the water possible off the shower glass doors will keep limescale and watermarks from forming and keep you from needing to clean your shower as often. 

Use a Daily Cleaner

In addition to the squeegee, you should consider spraying your shower doors daily with a light cleaner. This is easily made at home by mixing water with rubbing alcohol, a dishwasher rinse aid, and some liquid dish soap. 

Put the solution in a spray bottle and leave it near your shower with the squeegee. After each shower, spray the solution and wipe away the water residue. 

Use Talc-Free Soap

One of the reasons you may be battling soap scum is because of the soap you are using to wash yourself. Consider switching to a talc-free soap if possible, as these soaps will leave less build-up behind. 

Seal Your Shower

Another way to reduce the limescale and soap scum in your shower is to seal the glass doors with a special coating (on Amazon). Choose one which doesn’t hold limescale or talc for best results. 

Final Thoughts on Using Borax to Clean Glass Shower Doors

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Overall, Borax is an excellent solution for cleaning your glass shower doors, as long as you know how to use Borax properly.

Simply mix, apply, rinse, and repeat and you will have a nice clean set of glass shower doors, thanks to Borax!

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