Can Simple Green Be Used To Clean Shower Glass?

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There are many choices of cleaning products that can be used to clean your shower door. Simple Green is a popular brand, but they don’t have a cleaner specifically labeled for glass shower doors. Does this mean you can’t use it?

All-Purpose Simple Green can be used to clean your glass shower doors as long as it is diluted at a rate of 1:150. Otherwise, purchasing Simple Green Lime Scale Remover is recommended, which is made special for cleaning your shower doors. 

Need more information about how to clean your glass shower doors with Simple Green? Let’s look at the materials you need as well as the proper method to get your glass door looking as good as new. 

Can You Use All-Purpose Simple Green to Clean Shower Glass? 

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You can use All-Purpose Simple Green (on Amazon) on shower glass. However, the cleaner must be diluted so it doesn’t leave streaks on the see-through surface. 

The ratio of dilution for use on glass surfaces is 1:150. This is quite a large dilution, and a better way to think of it is to add one teaspoon of Simple Green to a squirt bottle, then fill the rest with water. 

Spray the diluted Simple Green on the surface of the glass and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. If residue persists, use toothpaste as a removal aid before spraying the diluted solution a second time. 

It is not recommended to use All-Purpose Simple Green to try and remove limescale from your shower doors. 

What’s the Best Type of Simple Green to Use on Shower Glass? 

If you don’t want to worry about diluting your Simple Green, or if you have difficult-to-remove limescale, then you should use the Simple Green Lime Scale Remover for cleaning your shower doors. 

Simple Green Lime Scale Remover (on Amazon) is specially made to work against hard mineral deposits on glass surfaces. It can also work to remove limescale from shower walls, tiles, and even your sink. 

Because limescale is a huge issue in bathrooms, it’s recommended to pair Simple Green Lime Scale Remover with the frequent cleaning of your shower doors with a squeegee after showering. This will help make cleaning easier and require you to do it less frequently. 

How to Clean Shower Glass with Simple Green 

Ready to use your Simple Green Lime Scale Remover to clean your shower doors? Here is the step-by-step process for doing so. 

Supplies Needed:

  • Simple Green Lime Scale Remover
  • Sponge or cleaning rag (preferably two)
  • Scrub brush (optional)

Cleaning the Shower Glass

  1. Start by spraying the surface with Simple Green Lime Scale Remover.
  1. Use a sponge or a cleaning cloth to scrub the surfaces you coated with the spray. You can use a scrub brush for hard-to-reach places (like around the door handle). 
  1. Even though you might be busy scrubbing the glass, don’t forget to spray and scrub the track the doors are in!
  1. Turn on the shower head and rinse the glass doors. 
  1. After rinsing, your shower door should be sparkling and shiny. If it isn’t, use the spray and repeat steps 1-4 but only on the spot that is not yet clean. 
  1. Use a dry cloth, preferably microfiber, to dry the shower doors. They should be sparkling clean! 

Final Thoughts on Using Simple Green to Clean Shower Glass

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Overall, Simple Green is an excellent choice for cleaning your shower glass. If you buy the All-Purpose Simple Green, ensure you dilute the solution before using it on glass surfaces. Otherwise, spray, scrub, and rinse away until your shower doors are clean as can be. 

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