What You Need To Know About Double Tinting Your Car Windows

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You’ve recently decided you want to tint your car windows, but you don’t think one layer of tint will be enough to keep out the sun. Or maybe you already have a layer of tint on your car. Is it possible for you to double-tint your car windows?

Double tinting car windows is possible but not recommended for most vehicles. You should only double-tint your windows if you are trying to save an old tint layer or because you want to make your vehicle darker than the factory tint. In most areas, it may be against the law.

There are many risks associated with double-tinting. Wonder what kind of risks you might face with a double tint? Let’s look at when you should consider double tinting your car vehicles, why, and what problems may arise as a result. 

Is Double Tinting Recommended for Car Windows?

Car specialist tinting film for car glass with hairdryer

Double tinting is recommended for some car windows, but only in specific situations. For example, double tinting is only recommended when your old tinting is worn or if you’ve had it for a long time.

When an old tint begins to peel, putting another layer on top can stop the degrading process. Additionally, if you have a layer of tint in good condition but beginning to fade, putting another layer on top can help give you the benefits of a tinted window without having to scrape off the old tint.

But it is not recommended if you add a second window tint to a factory tint, as factory tints have a specific texture which means a new tint will not adhere properly. Not to mention that it will likely void your warranty. However, double tinting may be suggested if your car has tinted glass and you want a dark tint.

Doubling up on tint just because you want a darker tint is not recommended either. There are always risks associated with double tinting, which is why it’s generally only suggested when it’s an old or degrading tint beneath. For example, dirt, dust, and other debris could get trapped between the two tint layers. 

Generally, unless you are advised by a professional, you should remove one tint before applying another. 

Will Double Tinting Distort the View?

Doubling up on tint can distort the view depending on how dark you go. If you stack two 50% tints, for example, you will not be able to see out your window at all. 

The same holds true if you have an old tint that is peeling. Again, depending on the quality of the application, some of the peeling parts may still create lines or bubbles in your view. 

This is why there are very few situations where double tinting is recommended because of the high chance that your view could be fully or partially blocked. Always consult a professional about the tint you plan to apply before you apply it. 

How Much Tint is Legal in My Location?

The type of tint which is legal varies from state to state in the US. While 15%-20% tint is legal in most states, it’s best to check before you have your windows tinted.

Some cars come with a factory tint that is already 15%-20%, and when this is the case, you could run into issues by putting additional tints on the top. Therefore, before you consider adding another layer, you should always check with your car manufacturer if there is already a tint in your vehicle windows. 

Generally, 5% tint is illegal everywhere, except when used on privacy vehicles like limousines and government cars. Therefore, do not get your windows tinted with a  5% tint; otherwise, you will not be able to see out of your vehicle safely. 

What Are the Different Types of Tint? 

Male specialist with scissors in car tinting film

You should consider a few different types of tints when you want to double-tint your car windows.

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic tint is expensive, and for a good reason. They let plenty of light through while still protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays, and they are scratch-resistant–making them longer lasting than most types of tint. 

Ceramic tints can go through one of two separate dying processes, one of which is used to create some of the darkest tints available for purchase at 7%. Many people also like that ceramic tints can be dyed to change color when exposed to light. 

Carbon Tint

Carbon tint is also known as the “old-fashioned” tint, which gives car windows a more dulled look. Most tint specialists don’t recommend this type of tint unless you have a dark car because otherwise, it just looks a bit odd. 

Metallic Window Tint

Metallic Window tint is unique because instead of just limiting the light allowed through the vehicle windows, it also directs it away, keeping your car cool on sweltering days.

Made from very thin layers of metal, metallic window tint is the number one choice by those looking for privacy in their vehicle and is recommended for those who live in hot climates like Arizona. 

Dyed Film

Thanks to shows like “Pimp my Ride,” dyed film, which takes the appearance of different colors, has become more popular. But unfortunately, these tints are illegal in most states. 

If you are using your car for decorative purposes only, apply a dyed film tint. But because most people plan to drive their vehicle at some point, you are probably better off skipping this type of tint. 

Final Thoughts on Double Tinting Car Windows

Overall, double tinting your car windows isn’t recommended by most professionals. While there are a few cases where it could help, you are almost always better off removing your old tint before applying a new layer. 

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