Can You Install A Pet Door In A Sliding Glass Door?

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If you’re concerned that your pet can’t go outside to potty on its own while you’re out, or if you’re tired of jumping up to open the door every time your furry friend wants to go outside, you may have considered installing a pet door. But can you install a pet door in a sliding glass door?

Patio panel inserts are an easy way to create a pet door as part of a sliding glass door setup. Before you select an insert, measure your pet and add at least one inch on each side to make sure they can go in and out without trouble. “In The Glass” pet doors are a more expensive and durable option.

Installing a pet door inside a glass door can be more complex than it sounds. If you take a drill and start drilling holes in the glass, you’ll crack it entirely, and your expensive door will be of no use. Let’s get into the details so that you can do it right.

Can You Put a Doggie Door in a Sliding Glass Door? 

Pekingese sits on the window and looks out at the owner on the street

You can easily fit a dog (or cat) door into your existing sliding glass door, as long as it’s done properly. But before you proceed, let’s look at the benefits of pet doors.

There are plenty of features that make pet doors panels a desirable choice for pet owners, such as: 

  • Easy entry and exit for both people and pets
  • The high-quality, built-in design doesn’t take up space in the track
  • Ensures door security by using the original door lock
  • The insulating flap protects against heavy winds and harsh temperatures

How Do You Install a Pet Door in a Sliding Door? 

There are two different sliding pet door styles that you can install in your home: patio panels (on Amazon) and “In the Glass” pet doors. Let’s go through each one in more detail.

How to Install Patio Panels

To install a sliding pet patio door in a sliding door:

Verify the Design of Your Door

First, check your sliding door and measure your door’s track to see whether it’s a monorail. Installing a pet door is more accessible when the track isn’t a monorail, as the panel can easily be adjusted. 

However, if your door’s track is a monorail, there are monorail adaptors to ease the task.

The inserted panel forms a partition that divides the entrance into two parts. One is the stationary panel with a pet door, and the other is your door’s pre-existing slider panel.

Measure Your Pet

You must select the correct flap size for your pet! You don’t want to end up with a dog door that is too small or too big for your pet. 

To ensure that the door flaps fit comfortably, measure the width of your pet and add at least one inch to each side. Add at least one inch to your pet’s height from the ground to the shoulders when calculating the length. 

Taking proper measurements ensures that you get a door that’s the right size and that your pet can use it without discomfort. It will also ensure that no larger animals from the outside can enter your home through the flap.

Position the Flap on the Door

Next, cut a piece of cardboard to use as a test to determine where to place the flap on your sliding door. Place the flap in a corner that won’t interfere with the operation of the sliding door.

You should place the flap in an easy-to-find location for your pet.

Measure the Sliding Door

After positioning the flap on the door, determine the correct door height to match the slider.

The area of your entry will be limited to some extent after you install an additional panel for the dog door. Measure the entrance to determine the size of the panels you will install. 

Dry Fit the Panel

Dry-fit the panel to see if any adjustments are required — and to get a good picture of your door’s appearance after the modification.

Fit the Panel In

Before fitting, attach the two panels with screws. Next, secure the panels to your door jamb using screws or the included adhesive strips and apply the weather stripping to keep the heat and cold outside.

How to Install “In the Glass” Pet Doors

Dog and owner

If you’ve considered patio pet door insert but are hesitant due to compromising the security of your home or taking up too much space in the slider track, you could opt for an “in the glass” pet door.

To install it:

  1. Loosen the height adjustment locks at the top of the panel and insert the prefabricated pet door panel into the track.
  2. Once the panel fits, take it out of the track, lay it on its side on the ground, and put the weatherstrip on it.
  3. Place the panel back onto the track and adjust the draft stopper.
  4. Your in-glass pet door should now be fitted and operational.

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