Can You Replace Just The Doors On A Sliding Glass Door?

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A sliding glass door adds an aesthetic look to your home and gives you a beautiful view of your patio from the inside. However, the door may develop issues due to wear and tear after a while, requiring you to replace it. So, can you replace just the doors on a sliding glass door?

If your door frame is in good condition, you can replace just the doors on a sliding glass door. However, the manufacturer may not make the same model and design anymore, so contact them first and find out if they still do.

It can be challenging to decide whether to replace just one side of your sliding glass door or the entire door. So let’s get into the details and find out reasons to replace a sliding glass door and a few other options to consider rather than replacing it.

Can You Replace Just the Doors on a Sliding Glass Door?

Carpenters installing glass door with a wooden frame

If the manufacturer still makes the same model and your door frame is in excellent condition, you can replace just the doors on a sliding glass door.

However, since the door models and designs change along with a modern focus on efficiency, get in touch with the manufacturer and find out if they have the kind you’re looking for.

Possible Reasons to Replace a Sliding Glass Door

Here are the main reasons you may consider replacing a sliding glass door:

Damaged Rollers

Rollers are essential parts of sliding glass doors as they enable the doors to move from one side to the other. If you find it difficult to slide your door towards one side, something might obstruct the rollers.

It could be dust particles hindering the smooth movement of the rollers. You can clean them with a brush and lubricate them with oil to quickly fix the issue. However, if the rollers are damaged, you’ll have to replace them with new ones.

Twisted Door

If your door appears bent or twisted, the rollers can’t support the door and aren’t moving on the track. This makes it difficult to open and close the door, and the door doesn’t move in a straight line.

If the damage is extreme, you can fix this issue by tightening or replacing the screws on the rollers or changing the whole glass door. But first, examine the door for any spaces between the wall and the door. If you notice any, it indicates that you must replace the door.

Bent Track

Bent tracks on the door can also hinder your door’s movement and even cause it to break when you open or close it. In this situation, you should only try to repair the door yourself if you have the proper knowledge and tools. Otherwise, seeking professional assistance is usually the best solution.

Broken Glass

Broken glass is another reason that calls for replacing the entire door. An accident can lead to cracks or significant damage to the glass on your sliding door. Even if it’s just a tiny scratch or crack in the glass, repairing it as soon as possible is crucial.

Ignoring it may worsen the problem, and you’ll have to replace it eventually. Broken glass poses a serious risk of accidents and injury, so replacing the sliding glass door is best.

However, you can call a pro to help with this issue if you feel you’re not up to the task.

Spaces in the Door

Sometimes gaps or spaces develop between the sliding door and its frames, reducing the sliding glass door’s efficiency. The spaces also allow dust particles to enter your room.

The best way to spot the gaps is to stand outside and point a torchlight at the sliding door. Then, have someone inside to check if the light passes through.

Trouble Opening and Closing the Sliding Glass Door

If you’re experiencing problems opening and closing your sliding glass door, the door isn’t working as it should due to wear and tear, wrong installation, or damaged rollers and tracks.

This issue can be very frustrating, and replacing the door with a new one is your best bet for restoring normalcy.

Options to Consider

Male worker installing sliding glass door at constriction site

You can consider the following options instead of replacing just the doors on a sliding glass door:

Replacing the Glass 

Many homeowners don’t realize that broken glass doesn’t always mean you have to replace the door. In a situation where only the glass has sustained damage, it simply makes sense only to replace the glass.

Replacing the glass when an issue pops up has several benefits. For starters, you’ll save some money as you’ll only swap out the glass while the door structure remains in place.

Replacing the Whole Door 

You can also consider replacing the whole sliding door rather than just one side. Upgrading your sliding glass door freshens your patio, allows more natural light indoors, and provides better ventilation. Just be sure your door is transported correctly to avoid damage.

This project is complex and requires DIY skills and construction experience to carry it out successfully.

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