What Are Pit Viper Sunglasses? (And Why They’re So Popular)

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Pit Viper is a new kid in the performance sunglasses block, but they’ve taken the industry by storm. This brand has quickly grown in popularity, especially among the youth; it’s not uncommon to see them on the trails.

Pit Vipers are sunglasses designed for parties and extreme sports and imitate styles popular with cyclists and skiers in the ’80s and ’90s. This brand is popular with cyclists because of its style, fit, comfort, performance, and pricing. Grab a pair of “The Originals” starting from $40.

The brand has embraced the gaudy throwback vibe of modern eyeshade style and turned it into the best. As a result, Pit Viper offers their sunglasses at a far lower price than most of its competitors while maintaining quality. But now, let’s learn more!

What are Pit Viper Sunglasses?

Pit Viper Sunglasses

Pit Vipers are rugged eyeshades with extreme performance specs and unique styles. In addition, these sunglasses feature three adjustment mechanisms for the ultimate fit in any activity.  

  • The first mechanism is the patent-pending turbo adjustment to help you angle your lenses toward or away from your face to better shield you from the wind and glare.
  • The second feature is the nose bender adjustment mechanism to help keep the Pit Viper sitting comfortably against your face. Just adjust the rubberized nosepiece to align with the contours of your nose.
  • Finally, its E-spot feature allows you to set the length of the arms of your eyeshade for an uncompromised fit that’s sure to boost flexibility. In addition, its rubber arm extensions ensure your Pit Vipers remain in place even during extreme sports.

With these features utilized correctly, Pit Vipers protect your eyes from harmful light rays while maintaining the wind-bucking ability and optimal peripheral vision.

But beyond trending worldwide, Pit Viper sunglasses exemplify a lifestyle of freedom-doing, doing what you like, when you want, and how you like it.

Who is Pit Viper Sunglasses for?

This brand has a unique following, and it markets to those into partying and sports. As a result, the flash of these sunglasses tends to lean towards a youth niche.

Sticking to unique designs, colors, and a website purposely designed to look like it’s from the 80s and 90s, these sunglasses attract a distinct crowd.

Why are They So Popular with Cyclists?

Pit Viper’s sporty eyeshades are unapologetically shouting, with the brand logo on top of the sunglasses. As a result, the brand delivers a bright vibe, unlike most cycling sunglasses that focus on pain and suffering mood.

Pit Vipers brand is popular with cyclists, particularly youth cycling sets. Designed for extreme sports, these sunglasses mimic popular vibes with legendary cyclists and skiers in the eighties.

With polarized lenses, you can also add prescriptions. So even though these eyeshades aren’t particularly feature-laden, they still hit all the notes many teen cyclists are looking for. They are also available in many colors and styles—all bold and loud.

Pit Vipers are affordable, making them more accessible to its target niche than rivals like Oakley. For instance, the “The Originals” style line starts at $40, rivaling similar options from competitors at $150.

Pit Viber brand has tapped into a controversial zeitgeist: unapologetically horny branding. However, Pit Viper has added a new twist, keeping the vibe firmly anchored in the eighties and nineties culture. Rather than referring to adult jokes circulating in 2022, Pit Viper’s horny branding adds a unique sauce of nostalgia in the form of Pen15, 69, and your mom jokes.

What Sets Them Apart from Other Brands?

Here is everything that sets this brand apart:

Lens Quality

“The Originals,“ the most popular Pit Vipers style among cyclists, features polarized lenses that offer 100% protection from U.V. rays and 14% visible light transmission. In addition, the polarization eliminates horizontal light waves that cause glare and reduces eye strain over a long distance.

Polarized Lens Versatility

With their glare-blocking ability and light reduction properties, Pit Vipers polarized lenses are suitable for highly bright light activities or conditions that involve lots of snow or water.

Some athletes avoid polarized lenses for trail running or mountain biking, where they must follow fine trail details. However, with Pit Vipers polarized lenses, as long as there’s adequate light, the polarization is a non-issue.

Avoid dark tints if you usually cycle in low or medium-light conditions. Pit Viper sunglasses feature a variety of lens tints.

Fit and Comfort

Enjoy versatility with three-point adjustment Pit Viper sunglasses. The nose pad features a hydrophilic rubber pad that you can squeeze to adjust for proper fitting. In addition, the rubberized point offers a soft contact area that doesn’t slip away when you sweat.

There are two adjustment points at the frame’s arms to easily fit any head size. With four arm’s length and five arm angle settings, you can’t have any complaints about the fit range.

Weighing 26 grams, these eyeshades are one of the lightest on the market. As a result, once you’ve fit dialed in, you can hardly feel them on your face.

“The Originals“ feature flexible frames to ensure your head doesn’t feel any squeeze. You can wear these sunglasses for hours without experiencing discomfort symptoms such as ear pain or headaches. Its open-frame design offers good airflow even when cycling at low speeds to keep you comfortable.


Performance eyeshades have been angling towards the larger lens for the past decade. However, pit Viper has stuck to the same trend with “The Originals,“ offering face-swallowing sunglasses. Measuring 145mm wide by 55mm tall, these sunglasses sits among the largest for cyclists.

With an open frame design that doesn’t interfere with your peripherals, the large-size lens offers a vast field of vision. Their coverage design is intended to allow you to breathe well, but this can cut down somehow on wind protection.

Overall, these sunglasses offer plenty of coverage to support complete focus while speeding down a hill.

Frame Quality

With the three-point fit feature, you can adjust the fit of your sunglasses countless times without the fear of failure or wear out. Also, the fit adjustment mechanism will be a one-time set, so there’s not a lot of concern about it wearing out.

Field Performance

“The Originals” stand up conspicuously to models that cost nearly thrice as much. Once you get the sunglasses dialed in, no bouncing along a rocky trail or death-gripping speed shakes it from its position.

You don’t have to worry about the sunglasses moving around or falling off. For extra security, Pit Vipers also offer an additional set of earpieces that wrap entirely around the ears.

With an airy fit and open-frame design, these sunglasses offer protection against sweating and lens fogging.

The frame has an upper crossbar that keeps the sunglasses away from your face. This crossbar also harnesses sweat down your nose to protect your field of vision.


Pit Vipers is a bold brand famous for its top style. Apart from its recommendable performance, “The Originals” is popular among youth cyclists for its accurate representation of the eighties vibe.


With a low price point, many people expect “The Originals“to perform inferiorly. However, the good news is that these sunglasses offer value nearly as much as pricey rivals.

Do Pit Vipers Scratch Easily?

Woman wearing pit viper sunglasses

Their sunglasses feature a mirrored finish to give them a stylish look and further reduce glare. Made with 1.22 mm impact-resistant plastic, Pit Viper’s lenses are durable. Also, these lenses are scratch-resistant.

How Long Do They Last?

Considering their features, Pit Viper sunglasses stand up strong against the elements, and they are protective, durable, and can match any extreme sport or party.

Blocking out the glare, stones, dirt, and other dangerous elements to your eyes, these sunglasses are designed to hold up against challenging situations and times.

The Warranty

Pit Vipers’ sunglasses come with a warranty. If your glasses break, they will send a replacement pair. However, these are the requirements for replacement:

  • Send them a video (re-enactment) of how the shades broke—the more dramatic, the better. We are talking about over-dramatization.
  • In the same email, include the original order number and photos of the broken sunglasses.
  • The video will be watched, and replacement pair will be sent to you.

What’s the Cost?

Grab a pair of Pit Viper “The Originals” starting from $40

Where to Buy

Check out Pit vipers’ site for a list of retailers. Unfortunately, scam brands often imitate these shades and sold for outrageous prices. So, save time and resources by ordering directly from the company’s website.

If, for some reason, the website isn’t working, here is a list of partner retailer’s stores where you can buy:

  • Do North Outfitters
  • Austria
  • Altitude Sports
  • Sully’s
  • Jonny Sprockets
  • Vicious cycle

Pit Viper’s Shipping Policy

Pit Viper also ships internationally. They offer information on their site regarding applicable taxes and duties for each country.

Standard shipping takes 3-5 business days—free shipping for U.S. orders over $25. You will be required to pay $5 shipping for orders under $25. Priority shipping takes two business days. Fees are dependent on your location. International shipping fees vary depending on location.

Pit Vipers guarantees a safe delivery for all orders over $250 by requiring a signature from clients upon receipt of the goods.

Return Policy

If you need to return these sunglasses, the company offers a full refund within 45 days of purchase. International customers are required to pay return costs, but U.S. residents are given prepaid labels for return.

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