Cleaning Glass Shower Doors With Steel Wool: Is It Safe?

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Steel wool is an excellent tool for scrubbing pots and pans as well as several different surfaces in your kitchen. But can you use it to clean your glass shower doors without damaging them?

It is safe to use steel wool on your glass shower doors as long as it is #0000 and is a brand-new piece of steel wool. You also want to check to ensure your glass doesn’t have a special film before scrubbing, and always use soap and water with the steel wool.

Want to learn exactly how to clean your glass shower doors with steel wool? Let’s look at some of the considerations for using steel wool on your glass shower doors and the method for doing so. 

Can You Use Steel Wool on Glass Shower Doors

Steel wool soap pad

You should only use steel wool sponges or pads (example on Amazon) to clean your glass shower doors under certain conditions.

The first condition is that the glass has not been treated with a sealing coat or other film that could be torn or damaged by the steel wool. For example, if your glass has a fog film, you cannot use steel wool to clean it. 

The second condition is that the steel wool is very fine, such as those found in the steel wool pads. Do not just grab your pot scrubber from the sink and take it to clean your shower glass doors, as this steel wool is too coarse and may damage the glass. 

It is also a good idea to check the manufacturer’s recommendation for your specific glass before cleaning it with steel wool.

If you are worried about damaging your glass, it may be better to clean your shower doors with a different material that isn’t as sharp. 

Is Steel Wool Safe on Glass?

Steel wool is safe to use on glass as long as it is very fine, #0000 grade, or finer. If you attempt to use a ball of more coarse steel wool, it is possible that it could scratch your glass. 

You also must inspect your steel wool closely before using it on glass. You cannot use steel wool that is rusty or damaged (with pointed ends sticking out), as this will scratch the glass even when it is fine. 

It is also best to use new steel wool that does not have any particles in it on your glass. This is because the particles in steel wool can become loose and end up on the glass you are attempting to clean and may even cause damage if they are sharp. 

How to Clean Your Glass with Steel Wool

Many people like to use fine steel wool to clean their glass because it can help remove scratches and even polish the glass.

But, as mentioned above, you must be very cautious when using steel wool on your glass shower doors.

Here are steps to follow when using steel wool to clean your glass shower doors. 

Materials Needed:

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning Your Glass

  1. You don’t want to use steel wool on dry glass. Start by wetting the surface and adding your soap or cleaning solution.
  1. Wait a minute, or two, then use the steel wool to scrub the glass gently. If the glass is too dry, dip your steel wool in warm water to lubricate it before scrubbing. 
  1. Turn on the shower and rinse away the soap. 
  1. Use your microfiber towel to dry the glass. You should be left with beautiful clean glass. 

If for some reason, smudges or scratches remain, it is not advised to use the steel wool a second time. Instead, try a different shower cleaning method. 

Final Thoughts on Cleaning Glass Shower Doors with Steel Wool

Overall, cleaning your glass shower doors with steel wool is safe if the steel wool is #0000 or finer. You should also always use soap, water, and new steel wool.

If the steel wool doesn’t clean your shower glass door after one scrub, it is best to try a different cleaning method. 

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