Can You Tint The Windows On A Financed Car?

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Most people finance a vehicle when they purchase it because they don’t have enough cash sitting on hand to buy it outright. But when a car is financed, it can be challenging to know what add-on items, like window tinting, can be installed. 

Most of the time, you can tint the windows in a financed car, but the financing company needs to be notified in advance. You should also check your car warranty and get a few different quotes from tinting shops before you schedule an appointment. 

Want to learn more about window tinting? Let’s look at some of the costs and decisions associated with tinting your car’s windows and how these decisions are affected when your vehicle is financed. 

Can You Add Tinted Windows to Your Financed Car?

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Although you still may owe money to a banking company for your car, you will likely be able to tint it. Most leasing companies allow tinting on financed or leased vehicles as long as advance permission is received. 

This means while you most likely will have no problems tinting your financed vehicle, you must obtain prior permission before you do. When you purchased the car, you were probably given a phone number or access to an online portal. 

Use one of these methods to contact your financier and ask for permission. Then, wait until you hear back from them before scheduling your tinting appointment. 

What are the Risks of Tinting a Financed Car?

There are very few risks involved in tinting a financed car, but there are a few. The most prominent is the bank may repossess your vehicle if you tint your windows without permission.

When you purchased your car with financing, you signed a document stating you wouldn’t make any modifications to the vehicle. Therefore if you do so without the permission of the financier, you may find that the bank will repossess your car and cancel the loan. 

Also, if you have a warranty on your vehicle, tinting the windows could void said warranty. Therefore, ensure you check the conditions of your warranty before having the windows tinted.

You may even want to contact your warranty company to double-check that window tinting won’t void your vehicle warranty. 

How Much Does it Cost to Tint Your Windows?

Just like anything else in life, if you want quality window tint, you should expect to pay for it. While window tinting costs depend on the type of tint and the number of windows you have tinted, you should be prepared to pay up to $500, or more, for your tint. 

Unless you are selecting a fancy tint, you should pay at least $50 per window for a quality tint. This means that for the four side windows plus the back, you are looking at $250 as the minimum you should pay for window tinting. 

Call around and get a couple of quotes before you tint your windows. Ensure to look at both quality and price before making your decision. 

Will Your Dealership Tint Your Windows?

Only a few dealerships offer in-house tinting on vehicles. Some that say they do turn out to contract it out to another shop nearby. This is because window tinting is a specialized service that takes hours to master. 

Either way, whether or not you should let a dealership tint your windows depends on what you are comfortable with. While the dealership may offer you a special deal, know that the individual they have on hand likely doesn’t tint as many windows regularly as a professional company.

For this reason, many people prefer to take their car to a professional company for tinting. But does this mean you will get a lousy tint at the dealership?

Not necessarily! It just means you must take time and effort to vet the dealership and the price they have given you alongside other window tinting quotes you have received before signing on the dotted line. 

Can You Tint the Windows Yourself?

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It is possible to tint windows yourself, as you can order the film, cut it, and place it on your windows. Spray tint is also an option. However, this is easier said than done, and it is never recommended to try tinting windows yourself. 

Many professional window tinters spend months or even years training to place the tint film perfectly. Unfortunately, trying it yourself with no experience almost guarantees you will leave air bubbles or place the film improperly. 

You are much better off taking your car to a dealer or an auto detailing shop to get the windows on your vehicle tinted. 

Final Thoughts on Tinting a Financed Car

Overall, you will likely be able to tint the windows on your financed car. Just check with the finance company and your car warranty before you do so.

Remember that even though you might be tempted to tint the windows yourself, it is a difficult task that takes years to master, and you are probably better off hiring a professional company to do the job for you. 

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