Can You Use Gumption On Shower Glass?

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When it comes to having a glass shower door may give your bathroom a cleaner overall appearance, but it can be a nightmare to keep clean. Between hard water stains and soap scum, many people have searched high and low for the proper cleaning solution for their shower glass.

Gumption cleaning solution can be used to clean your glass shower doors even if it is not the original purpose of the cleaner. Using Gumption on your shower glass will not damage it and may help eliminate mold and mildew that may be building up in your shower. 

Whether you have tried and failed at finding the perfect cleaning solution for your shower glass, you may want to give Gumption a try. Now let’s look at what Gumption is and whether or not you can use it to clean your shower glass effectively.

What is Gumption?

Gumption (on Amazon) is a multi-purpose cleaning solution that has been on the market for more than 60 years worldwide. Because it does not contain harmful chemicals, such as bleach, it can be used on just about any surface.

The cleaning solution is made from a unique soap mixture embedded with exfoliating beads to provide a bit of abrasion to any cleaning job. The combination of soap and beads safely removes any residue and grime from your household surfaces.

Gumption comes in a tub that contains about 500g of the cleaning solution and is well known to last for quite a long time. This is mainly because you only have to use a small amount of Gumption to clean most surfaces.

Most people using Gumption throughout the years have used it on surfaces such as stainless steel, laminate floors, tile floors, stovetops, bathtubs and sinks, and many more surfaces around the house.

Gumption comes in two different fragrances, which provide something for just about everyone who uses it. Depending on your preference, you can purchase this cleaning solution in either Fresh Lemon or Eucalyptus fragrance.

Overall, Gumption provides an easy-to-use solution to clean most of your household surfaces. However, if you are looking for a solution that will tackle even the toughest stains and surfaces, you may want to try Gumption.

Does Gumption Work on Shower Glass?

When cleaning the shower glass in your bathroom, you may have tried many ways to do this over the years. Gumption works amazingly to clean your shower glass without leaving any streaks or residue behind.

While the company does not explicitly advertise shower glass as a surface that Gumption cleans well, others that have used it can testify that it does. Remember that you should only use a small amount of the solution since a little goes a long way.

All you have to do is put a small amount of Gumption onto a microfiber cloth and rub it directly onto the surface of the shower glass. You will need to ensure that you have covered the entire glass surface with Gumption before removing it.

Once you have covered the shower glass with Gumption, you can rub it in a circular motion with a dry cloth until it is gone. The great thing about Gumption is that you do not have to rinse it afterward since it does not contain harmful chemicals.

You can also use Gumption with a sponge (Scrub Daddy is a great option) or any other soft cloth, depending on the surface you are attempting to clean. For example, if you are using the solution to clean your shower glass, it is best to use a microfiber cloth to ensure you do not scratch the surface.

Does Gumption Get Rid of Mold?

When the advertisements say that Gumption can be used on any surface and cut through just about anything, they mean it. Gumption works fantastically on stains and residues such as rust and mold.

Since Gumption is a solution made from soap and is embedded with exfoliating beads, it is tough enough to tackle surfaces with mold and rust. While most multi-purpose cleaners are not designed to remove these types of residue and grime, Gumption was made for them specifically.

There are so many uses that Gumption can be used for depending on the type of surfaces you have in your home. Whether you plan to use the solution to clean your pots and pans, wood benches, or shower glass, Gumption can cut through just about any stain.

You must use gloves when attempting to get rid of tougher stains such as mold with Gumption. This is because even though the solution does not have harmful chemicals, you must protect your hands from constant exposure to mold.

It should also be noted that when using Gumption to clean mold off various surfaces, you may need to use more than you would for other household items. This is because mold is likely embedded into the surface grooves and must be removed.

Will Gumption Scratch or Damage Glass?

The shower glass will not be scratched or damaged despite having exfoliating beads mixed into the soap that makes up Gumption. This is because the beads are embedded into the soap and are mild enough to be used on the surface, adding to the cleaning process instead of causing damage.

The company that makes Gumption does caution that you do not scrub your glass surfaces with any abrasive cloth. Doing this could cause your glass to become scratched or otherwise damaged from the cleaning process.

As long as you use Gumption with a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth (on Amazon), your shower glass should be free of any types of scratches or damage. However, using any other cloth or mixing Gumption with other solutions may damage your glass.

Overall, Gumption is entirely safe to use on any surface you choose to clean around your home. However, as with any other product, you may want to test a small glass section before cleaning the entire surface.

What are the Best Alternatives to Gumption?

Natural home cleaning alternatives: lime, baking powder, vinegar

Even though Gumption has been said to be one of the best multi-purpose cleaning products on the market for the last 60 years, many people are still skeptical about using it. If this is the case for you, it may be best to find alternatives to Gumption.

For those who wish to clean their shower glass better than ever but do not want to use a cleaning solution such as Gumption, many alternatives may clean just as well. 

Here are a few alternatives that you can try to clean your shower glass instead of using Gumption:

While these may not be the only alternatives to using Gumption to clean the many surfaces in your home, they are known to be some of the most effective. The Pink Stuff is a well-known cleaner like Gumption since it does not contain harmful chemicals.

Final Thoughts on Using Gumption on Shower Glass

The bottom line is cleaning the various surfaces in your home, specifically the shower glass in your bathroom; Gumption works amazingly well.

While there are other solutions you can use to clean the glass, Gumption does not contain harsh chemicals and can be used on many different types of surfaces, so it may be a better choice in the long run.

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