Lightening The Tint On Car Windows: Is It Possible?

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Having tinted windows on your car can be a great way to protect your privacy from people looking in your vehicle. Tinted windows also protect your car from harmful UV rays from cracking or fading the inside of your vehicle. But what happens if the tint ends up too dark?

Lightening the tint on car windows is impossible because the tint color is applied directly into the film during manufacturing. It cannot be altered to accommodate lighter tints on the window. Your only option for lightening the tint on your car windows is to replace the tint. 

Whether you have the tint installed professionally or if you do it yourself, you should know that the process should be done extremely carefully. So let’s look at some of the most critical factors about tinting windows and find out whether or not tints lighten or darken over time.

Can You Lighten the Tint on Your Car Windows? 

Tinting of car windows

When it comes to the tint on your car windows, once it is installed, it cannot be lightened in any way. This is because the film is tinted when it is being manufactured, so changes cannot be made down the road.

For this reason, you should ensure that you choose the correct tint color before installing the film. Whether doing it professionally or yourself, you should be aware of your desired color.

This also means that before you install the tint film, you should be aware of the laws and regulations in your state. This is because doing this can guide you to a tint color that looks good and stays within the law.

The bottom line is that you cannot lighten the tint of your car windows if they end up being darker than the laws allow. This means that your only choice to change the color is to replace the entire tint film.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Tint?

When you realize that your car windows are a shade or two darker than the law allows or you wanted in the first place, you have to replace the tint film altogether. But, again, remember that this is best done under the expertise of someone who tints professionally.

Like when you get your car windows tinted, the cost can range from $50 to $650 or more, depending on a few factors. Some of these factors include how much of your windows are tinted and how much they will have to take out.

The exact price can vary depending on where you take the vehicle to be tinted and how much space you need to be replaced. You will need to contact either the shop where you got the work done in the first place or another shop that can do the replacement job. 

Do Tints Lighten Over Time? 

Tint films made with UV-blocking polyester are designed to withstand the direct or indirect sun rays that come into the car. This means those with the blocking polyester do not tend to fade over time.

If you choose to use a cheaper tinting material, you can expect that your car window tint will begin to fade. This typically happens when you scrub it with a harsh material and cleaning agents.

Your tint job can also fade over time if it is not protected from UV rays and exposed to the outdoor elements for longer. This is because, with more and more sun exposure, the tint can become lighter or discolored, or both.

Overall, the better you treat your tinted windows, the better your chance of not messing them up. Additionally, if you have had them installed professionally, you will most likely experience fewer complications in the long run.

Do Tints Darken Over Time?

The wizard for installing additional equipment sticks a tint film on the side front glass of the car and dry the glass with an industrial dryer at the end of the work

You may discover that the film’s color seems darker a few days or weeks after your car windows are tinted. While there is no noticeable change in the film’s color, it may seem darker down the road.

The reason for this sudden darkening is that the glue is wet and absorbing when it is first applied. Over time the adhesive dries completely, causing it to appear to have a darker tint on the windows.

It is important to understand that although it does appear to be darker, the actual color of the tint does not change. Therefore, as the glue continues to dry, it will seem even darker than before.

How to Find the Tint Laws in Your Area

In most cases, whatever body shop you have taken your vehicle to will be able to tell you what the laws in your area are about the amount of darkness you can have. This is because they can be held somewhat reliable if they do not provide you with information about their process.

If you want to check other areas for your car window tinting laws, you can also contact officials in your area who may know about it. This means you can contact the city offices in your town, and they can lead you in the right direction. 

Overall, taking the time to find out what the laws are in your area can prevent you from making the mistake of applying a tint that is too dark or double tinting. For the most part, in most states, you are required to leave visibility on the front windshield to ensure you are driving safely.

Final Thoughts on Lightening Car Tint

The bottom line of lightening the car tint on your windshield or other windows cannot be done for various reasons. Remember that the most important thing is if you do not want to pay for extra work, you should check the guidelines before tinting your windows.

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